Central Coast Dance Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child wear to class ?

GCSDance has a compulsory uniform and etiquette when students attend class. We believe that a dancer should not only look the part but conduct ones self in that manner. Please download our UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS for all information regarding uniform. All items are available from our on the premises Dance Shop JESSELLE.

Does GCSDance have an end of year concert ?

GCSDance holds its Annual Concerts at Laycock St Theatre each year. Whilst exact dates are not known until early April, we aim for the end of November and early December. All students are invited to perform in our concerts, and our Concert Policy and Information is available online at the commencement of Term Two. Most routines are started at this time also. All ballet grades commence their routine after their RAD exams take place.

What are the term dates for 2018?

Term 1 - Monday 5th February to Saturday 14th April (10 Weeks)
Term 2 - Monday 30th April to Saturday 7th July (10 Weeks)
Term 3 - Monday 23rd July to Saturday 28th September (10 Weeks)
Term 4 - Monday 15th October to Saturday 15th December (9 Weeks)

Can my child have private lessons?

Private lessons are available to any student who wishes to participate in eisteddfods as a solo item, or for extra lessons with exam work. All our private lessons are taught at the studio.

How does GCSDance communicate with parents and students ?

Once you have registered with GCSDance we will add you as a member with our PHONE APP and you will then be able to access all our newsletters, events and schedules. We pride ourselves on our level of communication, providing parents with as much notice as possible of the dates and times that are required for exam work, rehearsals and the end of year concert.

Is there any opportunity for my child to perform at Eisteddfods ?

GCSDance participates in both local and interstate Competitions. For your child to be a part of our competition teams, there are certain class requirements to be met. It is at the discretion of GCSDance to whom is involved in these classes. Private lessons are available to any student who wishes to participate in eisteddfods as a solo item. Please check out our NEWS page to see all the success GCSDance has with it's competition teams and solo/duos.

Do you offer boys only classes here on the Central Coast?

Yes we offer both boys only Hip Hop and a boys only conditioning class. There are also male dancers in most of our Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical and Contemporary classes. Dancing is a wonderful way for boys to learn creativity, coordination, fitness and discipline.