Studio Culture

Our Central Coast dance studio is - by design - a specialised, friendly and professional dance school. We recognise that children thrive on the kind of close, supportive student - teacher and peer based relationships that we offer here at GCSDance.

Our team of teachers are extremely dedicated and passionate about training and educating the students. We do this with a holistic approach to classes in a nurturing environment. Dancers are taught to be safe and smart in their movement and we develop our students individually to enhance their experience.

We believe that we have a studio that caters for dancers with a variety of goals and that every opportunity is given to each student to pursue their dreams.

We have a proven track record that our style of teaching develops a well rounded dancer and our students have gone on to achieve great results in the dancing community. Our individual focus, innovative curriculum , unmatched technical expertise - and the fact our dancers simply love to dance - yield results.

If you desire to provide the right training for your child and to be assured that they are being guided in the right direction for them, then we encourage you to contact us and book a place for your child today.

GCSDance is the place to be for dance on the Central Coast!!